Logcast begins roll out of content monetization partnership with Spotify

2 min readMar 13, 2023

Voice streaming platform Logcast has begun roll out of its new monetization partnership with Spotify, allowing music artists to earn money on talk content.

In addition to being able to distribute their Logcast content to Spotify (as announced by Music Business Worldwide), music artists can now also earn money by sharing paid content to Spotify where fans must pay to unlock and listen — powered by Logcast’s technology.

With more than 456 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the integration gives creators a new way to earn money from their most dedicated listeners on Spotify, and will be an additional revenue stream for artists on top of music royalties.

“Logcast offers a new way for music artists to generate income through microtransactions, while better serving their fans with authentic content,” said Leni Andronicos, CEO at Logcast.

“We’re focused on music artists who don’t necessarily have millions of listeners and can generate good income from streaming revenue, but the indie artists who have a strong and loyal community. These artists may not have as many opportunities to monetize through streaming revenues, and these are the types of artists that we are focused on and want to serve.

“Only 57,000 of the 11 million artists on Spotify earned more than $10,000 in streaming royalties from Spotify in 2022. That works out to just 0.6% of artists. The other 99% is a huge market of more than 10 million artists for us to tap into and this is the group we are focused on serving with this new partnership.”

The new feature can help creators monetize on the entire music journey, not only the final product like a song or album. For example, artists can “log” the making of their new album, share behind-the-scenes conversations with their team, or host QAs with fans.

Powered by Spotify’s Open Access Program, the new tools will begin rolling out to select creators in Sweden and the United States.

Learn more about Logcast by visiting our website or downloading the Logcast app in the App Store.




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