Logcast Begins Rolling Out Spotify Integration For Select Creators

3 min readJan 26, 2023

Every day, music artists, creators and their fans inspire people and push culture forward around the world. At Logcast, we’re committed to building new technologies to help creators access more monetization opportunities, take more control over their creative work, and develop a closer relationship with their fans.

Starting this week, we are excited to announce that select creators can now share their Logs to Spotify — providing a new way for music artists to engage their fans and earn money on talk content.

In addition to sharing music, artists will now also be able to share short-form talk content with their listeners on Spotify, like special announcements and behind-the-scenes moments from their music careers.

This new feature includes:

Connect your Logcast to your Spotify Artist Page: Once connected, creators will have the ability to instantly share their Logcast recordings to their Artist Page on Spotify.

Publish your Circles to Spotify: Once you’ve created a Circle in Logcast and posted your first Log there, you’ll be able to share it directly on Spotify.

Add Members, and let your fans contribute: Invite your fans to contribute to the conversation, by adding them as members of the Logcast Circle. Get real-time feedback on new music, or let them share their song or tour ideas.

Pin your Circle to your Artist Page: Artists can choose to pin their Logcast Circle on their Artist Page on Spotify.

With more than 456 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the integration gives creators a new way to earn money from their most dedicated listeners, and will be an additional revenue stream for artists on top of music royalties.

Artists can choose to share talk content for free listening, or lock a “Log” (the name given to the short-form voice clips) behind a paywall on Spotify — requiring fans to pay to stream it using their credit or debit card. The feature comes at no cost to the artist, with participating artists receiving all revenues, excluding payment transaction fees and Logcast’s 20% platform fee.

The new feature can help creators monetize on the entire music journey, not only the final product like a song or album. For example, artists can “log” the making of their new album, behind-the-scenes conversations with their team, or QAs with fans.

Download Logcast or update your app in the App Store to see if you have access to the feature.




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