Logcast Product Update: February 2023

3 min readFeb 28, 2023

Looking back at the features and improvements we’ve shipped in the past month, we are very proud of what this community and team are building together.

Locked Logs ($UPERLOGS 2.0)

Last year we changed the game of how audio creators make money with $UPERLOGS. Now we are shaking things up again by releasing Locked Logs.

You record your voice in the Logcast app, set a price and let your most dedicated listeners pay you to stream it — but with one big difference. Locked Logs are no longer bound to your Logcast feed, fans can now discover them in other social and streaming platforms.

Earn money from Circles

For the first time, we’ve made it possible for you to earn money from your Circles on Logcast. Creators can now upload paid voice content to their Circles, including Locked Logs (fans must pay to listen) and NFMs (fans can collect and own).

Circles are public or private groups in Logcast that creators can share voice updates, like their latest news or behind-the-scenes moments. Fans can join in on the conversation too, adding their own voice notes to the Circle like feedback on new music or questions for the artist.

Publish Circles to Spotify

Logcast is now connected to Spotify and you can publish your Circles both on Logcast and Spotify, expanding your universe of listeners to more than 450 million people. Create your Circle in Logcast, add members, and share it to Spotify.

Personalize your Circle feed

We have made it easier and faster for Loggers to discover Circles and help you curate your own feed — just select a Circle topic, group or project you’re interested to join. By joining a Circle, you will also gain access to chats and score contribution rights.

Improved user experience

February came with UI/UX improvements made to our built-in record and editing tools. We’ve made it even easier to crop audio, set a price to earn on your Locked Logs & NFMs and choose the Circle you wish to publish your Log to.

Update your app in the App Store to access the new features and improvements.

Happy Logging!




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