Logcast Product Update: June 2023

3 min readJun 14, 2023

At Logcast, we’ve been heads down this month rolling out new features designed to bring you closer to your favourite people. We’re all about real relationships, building connections and having fun with friends and your favourite creators — without the pressure to look or act perfect. Just the real you, having real conversations and building real connections with those that matter most.

Here’s a round-up of some of our new game-changing features, now available in the Logcast app.

Introducing: Gifts

We’ve introduced a new way for fans to get even closer to their favourite idols, and express appreciation for their work. You can now send a monetary gift to your favourite creator. Think of it like putting money into a street-side musician’s hat or guitar case. Gifts are purchased simply through the app with a credit or debit card.

Tag friends!

You can now be more interactive then ever with our new tagging feature! No more having to manually send your log to another logger for them to tune in! Simply just select ‘tag’ and choose up to 3 people you’d like to tag in your post.

NFM Collections

NFMs are no longer 1:1 digital collectibles, you can now create a series of NFMs for your community to collect. Record your NFM, choose the quantity you want to release (1, 20, 100 or even a million, depending on how desirable and unique you want your NFM to be!). Give fans a way to participate in your career and own a piece of your creativity. Record or upload a Log, share it as an NFM, and set a price and quantity. Your fans can now buy it using their credit or debit card to build their collection.

Web payments

You can now share a link to your $Locked Logs$ on web! This means that your fans everywhere, no matter the country, device or platform, can enjoy a seamless purchasing experience directly on the web. There’s no longer a need for your fans to download the Logcast app, or create an account, they can simply visit your web profile from any internet browser and buy it with a few clicks. To share your Logs on web, simply record and post a Log in Logcast, click ‘Share’, copy the link and paste it wherever you like. Try sharing the link on Twitter, Instagram Stories, or even sending the links out in an email to your community.

Digital Safety

Our Creator’s safety is our top priority and we’ve recently enabled 2FA for all users. After signing up, you’ll receive an email asking to confirm that it’s you and you’re good to go! Super quick & easy.

You can now upload long-form audio

We’ve extended the length of Logs you can record and upload. Record conversations and talk shows for up to two hours or upload a full-length produced podcast directly to Spotify or share it with your listeners on Logcast. Sharing long-form content can be a great addition to your regular short format voice updates, and this means you don’t have to go anywhere else for all things audio related.




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