Logcast x Creators // Interview with Mikael Cross

4 min readJan 10, 2023

We build for the belief everyone is a creator, and Logcast would not be possible without you, our creators. To show our appreciation, we’ve initiated a new Logcast creator interview series to highlight your amazing work and for the Logcast community to get to know you further.

First out is Mikael Cross. We discussed his favourite movie genre, how the pandemic has affected film production and why 80’s comedies are better than newly released comedies.

Mikael Cross is a highly respected film and television executive, advisor, and consultant in the entertainment and media industry. Mikael has also been recognized as a “Producer to Watch” by the Marché International des Programmes de Télévision.

Logcast: What made you want to pursue Film Production? Did you start your career in that field?

Mikael: I started out studying music business but ended up in PR and artist management. One day, a friend of mine who was a music video director suggested I try producing instead. When I told him I had no experience, he said, ‘Mike, you get sh%t done. That’s all that matters.’ I was feeling a bit burnt out on PR at the time, so I figured, why not try something new?

Three weeks later, I got an invitation to work with SonyBMG and produced my first music video for a Swedish Idol winner. The funny thing is, SonyBMG had no idea I had zero experience and luckily for me, they didn’t ask. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Logcast: What has production been like pre vs post pandemic?

Mikael: Before the pandemic, the film industry was doing well, with a steady flow of funding and high demand for content. This made it easier to secure budgets and negotiate with buyers and distributors.

However, the pandemic caused many productions to be put on hold or cancelled, leading to a backlog of content and a saturated market. As a result, buyers pay less for content and demand more rights, leading to fewer opportunities for back-end royalties. To compensate for this, industry professionals have had to demand higher salaries.

The pandemic has also made it harder to produce and distribute films, as costs have increased and revenue has decreased. There has also been a shift towards streaming platforms and away from traditional distribution methods.

Logcast: Are there certain genres you prefer over others?

Mikael: I’m a huge fan of 80’s comedies. Have you seen classics like ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’ or ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’?

Logcast: Why 80’s comedies?

Mikael: They’re the kind of movies that make you laugh and feel good no matter what’s happening in the world.

Unfortunately, it seems like those days are gone, and now everything has to be politically correct. But hey, atleast we still have action movies to keep things moving.

Logcast: Do you enjoy watching TV shows?

Mikael: I love a good fast-paced TV show, although I might appreciate the slow burn when I’m older and have more time on my hands. When I’m 65+, I’ll probably be like, ‘Give me a cosy couch, a bowl of popcorn, and some sloth-like pacing, and I’m good to go.

Logcast: Who would be your dream Director & Actor to work with?

Mikael: I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of my dream collaborators, like Dragomir Mrsic, with whom I co-created the TV show ALEX, and Ola Rapace, who played the lead in my latest film,’ Geared Up’.

Logcast: I remember Ola Rapace played a villain in a James Bond movie once. It must have been exciting working with them?

Mikael: It’s been a dream come true to work with these talented individuals, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have learned from them.

Logcast: Favourite project you’ve worked on?

Mikael: My favourite project was a documentary I created about the legendary music producer The Salazar Brothers. The documentary was directed by my friend Tobias L. Nordquist, who later made his directorial debut for feature films when he also directed ‘Geared Up’. Everything about that documentary was about showing the true love behind hip-hop and encouraging people to have hope and dreams.

Logcast: What can we expect from Mikael Cross in 2023?

Mikael: 2023 is shaping up to be a pretty exciting year for me. I’ll be very active on Logcast, and I’ve also got a big project in the works with one of the biggest TV/media companies out there. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more details right now because I’ve signed an NDA, but trust me; it’s going to be a wild ride.

This experience, like with Sony/BMG, has taught me that sometimes taking a chance on something new can lead to amazing opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone; go for it with all you’ve got. You never know what doors might open up for you. So keep chasing your dreams and making moves; who knows where it will take you.

Logcast: Thank you, Mikael.

Find Mikael on Logcast: ⭕️MikaelCross




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