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4 min readDec 8, 2021


Logcast without our creators would not be possible! Last week Logcast got to interview Mexican musician and producer Eduardo also known as Taco who just published his new album “La vie en rouge” on Spotify. Read the interview below or listen to the full interview on Logcast to learn more about Taco’s amazing relationship to music.

Logcast: Hi Taco! Logcast is so excited to make this possible and get to know you and your passion more. We heard you are releasing your new album “La vie en rouge” tomorrow?! Congrats!

Taco: Yes that is correct. Thank you! I am very excited to be here as well!

Logcast: Let’s start with a short introduction of yourself?

Taco: Well, my name is Taco. My real name is Eduardo. People name me Eddie. I am a Mexican artist. Been living in CDMX for 11 years now. I am from the North — a little city called Torréon. I have always been a musician. I guess since I was little. But just about 2 years ago, I started really making a living out of it. I also sometimes sell Tacos, as my dad has Taco restaurants where I am from and I think that is a good resumée.

Logcast: Perfect. Can I ask you where your passion for music comes from?

Taco: Yea. I guess I started when I was young with keyboard and guitar. My family had a big influence on me in general. None of my family are musicians. Only my grandma used to sing so cool and beautifully. Used to like hearing her sing when I was a kid and I guess my mother gave me a lot of knowledge of American music in the 90s and 80s. She used to listen to Fleetwood Mac, Bee gees and Madonna and of course the Beatles — lot’s ballads and funk music. On the other hand my father was quite a romantic one. Showed me all the old Mexican songs from the 60s — lot’s of old, Roberto Carlos, Los Panchos, and José José. A really interesting mix from both my parents. My crazy brother filmed me in the 90s with a camera. We loved MTV and all the things that happened in that time.

Logcast: This shaped your style of music you create today?

Taco: I guess it was just fun. I used to think a lot when I was a kid. Doing music just gave me time not to constantly think and be inside my head. It really started when I was in High School. I was in love for the first time. I made better songs and suddenly my good friend back in school, used to have studios in the north. We made music there. Back then, I made a lot of shitty decisions. My mom told me to go to the city and study something music related. And now I guess I am kind of a producer, a musician.

Logcast: What do you like most about making music?

Taco: Being here — on this planet — this thing that we call life. As I touch things, as I am being here, I just think my real way to communicate with people is by doing music. Also making albums is kind of a timeline for me. My way of going back and going to the future. When I come back it is always about the albums, and the artists I created music with. Somehow, I guess, it makes me a little bit less crazier, more grounded. It is just an easier way to say what I feel, to people that are important to me, or even to the world.

Logcast: How do you find inspiration for your songs and your albums?

Taco: I used to be quite a romantic kid, when I was younger. Of course I am still a romantic one. Other things that are — even more big to explore. I don’t know — I guess inspiration comes from what I live and superficial stuff as well. How I live in this world and with whom I am in love with. What do I feel? Also from 3 years ago. Something happened in my mind. Now it is just unconscious art. Same when I paint. It is just stuff that needs to go out of me. Sometimes it is not even me. This is a more poetic way to create music.

Logcast: Just like therapy or escaping reality?!

Taco: Exactly!

Logcast: Your latest song (Stay closer), what is it about?

Taco: It is kind of a romantic song. Not necessarily for one person. It is a character that is talking to 4 people. At the same time it seems like it is for one. It is communicating how I felt, it was easier. I felt very outside of the lives of people I really want to be part of. It was my way of telling them I am still here. I want you to be close even though I feel distant.

Logcast: Beautiful. I feel like especially during the pandemic. People either distanced to each other or got closer!

Taco: Of course. I was making that album at the time of the pandemic. So this had a strong influence on my music.

Logcast: My last question for you! Who would be your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

Taco: I always say this. I guess it is just with people I admire. I would love to do something with David Bowie. If I had the chance with him, I think it would be amazing. As a painter, maybe Jackson Pollock. I am a mainstream guy. Someone drunk. Just have fun with it. Be at the same time very real and passionate about it.

Logcast: Thank you so much Taco for answering my questions. Very excited to hear more about your journey on Logcast and listen to your new album “La vie en rouge”!




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