NEW! Monetize Your Already Fans On All Social Platforms With Web Payments

2 min readApr 4, 2023

You’ve been asking for an easy way to monetize your already fans. Followers on Instagram, Twitter or anywhere else shouldn’t have to jump onto another app to purchase and listen to your Log just because it was created on Logcast.

So, we decided to change up the game. Web payments are finally here!

Creators can now share a link to their Locked Log with their fans everywhere, and their listeners can enjoy a seamless streaming and purchasing experience directly on the web. Fans simply click the link shared by their favourite creator and pay to unlock it on their browser with one tap. For the first time, creators can truly monetize their already fans on all social platforms. The launch of web payments removes all barriers to earning on Logcast.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to options next to your Log and click Share log, and Copy link
  2. Attach it to your Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok or website and emails. The link is shareable everywhere, so you can include it wherever you have a following
  3. Your fans can now enjoy a seamless streaming and purchasing experience directly on the web by simply clicking the link. The earned amount goes straight to your Stripe account, just as before!

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