One Music Artist Uploaded 85 Logs To Spotify In One Day

2 min readJan 30, 2023

Maryland rap artist Tbliss brings fans even closer by launching Logcast fan Circle on Spotify.

Maryland-based rap artist Tbliss released his latest single ‘Smokers Anthem’ on December 23, and it’s been on non-stop rotation in Logcast HQ every day since.

Now, Tbliss is bringing his fans even closer to his life by sharing daily talk content on his Artist Page after publishing his Logcast Circle ‘Tbliss Thinks 🧠’ on Spotify. The interactive micropodcast takes fans behind-the-scenes into the studio, his experiences on tour and exclusive updates on new music.

To follow Tbliss’ Circle, go to his Artist Page in Spotify, look for his pinned ‘Artist Pick’, and follow the Circle.

Fans can become a member of the Circle, allowing them to contribute their own Logs — like sharing real-time reactions to new music or asking questions about upcoming tours. To request membership, download the Logcast app, search for Tbliss, click on his Circle ‘Tbliss Thinks 🧠’ and click Join. Members can talk publicly by adding Logs, or privately in the Circle’s chat room in Logcast.

For a deeper connection with Tbliss, fans can send a private DL (“Direct Log”) to him via the Logcast app.

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