Warner Music Artists Join Oshi by Logcast: Deepening the Connection between Fans, VTubers and Idols

3 min readJun 26, 2023

Since its soft launch last month, Oshi by Logcast— the streaming platform connecting VTubers and idols with fans around the world — has offered fans an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the personalities of these digital entertainers beyond their visual avatars.

VTubers are a cultural phenomenon born in Japan and now growing fast around the world. They create content by making use of their voice and characters or avatars only, usually in anime style. Just like their real-life creator colleagues, the VTubers vlog, play video games, and chat with millions of fans around the world. They’re most famous for one thing
— their voice.

Oshi understands the challenges faced by VTubers when it comes to creating content. The process typically demands a significant investment of time and resources, as VTubers have to dedicate extensive hours to live streaming while also incurring substantial expenses to create and maintain their avatar.

However, with the Oshi platform, VTubers no longer need to worry about the intricacies of avatar creation or live streaming. Instead, they can focus on what they do best: recording engaging voice content. Oshi enables VTubers to effortlessly share their voice recordings with fans on a 24/7 content cycle, allowing for a more flexible and manageable content creation process and revenue stream. This streamlined approach empowers VTubers to prioritize their creativity and engagement with fans, fostering an environment of continuous content delivery and deeper fan connections.

Oshi’s innovative features have created a virtual space where fans can connect with VTubers in ways that were previously unimaginable. The app offers a personalized feed that showcases voice streams, behind-the-scenes content, private chats, group conversations and more, allowing fans to gain insight into the day-to-day lives and unique personalities of their favorite VTubers and idols.

Through Oshi, fans can engage in real-time interactions, participate in voice chats, and pay to unlock bonus content and experiences, fostering a sense of community while offering VTubers invaluable new revenue streams. This two-way communication opens up new avenues for collaboration and creativity, enriching the fan-idol relationship.

“We are excited by the progress Oshi has made since its soft launch in Japan earlier this year,” says Leni Andronicos, CEO of Logcast. “By providing an unfiltered view into the personalities of VTubers and idols, we are breaking new ground in the realm of digital entertainment. Oshi aims to cultivate deeper connections between fans and VTubers, enabling fans to truly understand and appreciate the incredible individuals behind the avatars.”

Oshi’s success in facilitating genuine connections has been bolstered by the support of local entertainment giants, including Bandai Namco and Warner Music Japan, whose signed recording artist Alice Peralta joined the platform as an Oshi last month. Alice’s global fan base and her captivating personality have proven to be a driving force behind Oshi’s growth, attracting both Japanese and international fans to the platform.

As we continue to refine and expand the Oshi platform, we will further enhance the fan experience, allowing for even more immersive interactions and a deeper understanding of the personalities and aspirations of VTubers.

Oshi is available for download on iOS devices exclusively in Japan. Fans can visit the App Store to connect with their favorite VTubers and idols.




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